I've been sharing stories on the blog Avec Deux Mains since 2008 when I began the process of relocating to Africa.  Really, the journey started as a little girl, but there was no such thing as 'blogging' back then.  I became an official follower of Jesus in April 2000 . . . it's a long story, maybe someday I'll share it on here . . . and in 2001 found myself doing a photography project in North India.  It was there that I decided to listen to the life-long nagging voice in my heart and readjusted my course with a trajectory heading toward serving the poor.

After completing an undergrad degree in Athletic Training at Cedarville University (Ohio), I did my masters in Occupational Therapy at Temple University, in Philly.  My family hails from The Bronx . . . which even though I haven't lived there in nearly 20 years, I still consider it home . . . something about family culture and a deep rooted attitude I just can't bear to part with.  I am most frequently found schlepping my camera, although these days it seems to have been replaced with an ongoing supply of hand-made wooden crutches.

Desert Gourment started as an idea before arriving in Niger; I wanted to have a space dedicated to fine dining at the edge of the Sahara . . . or at least the finest dining possible.  I figure each recipe should be modified to include at least one 'substitute' ingredient or an extra really-from-scratch step . . . with a shocking I-found-all-the-ingredients-I-need! post here and there.  Consider it a tribute to the idea of 'blooming where you're planted.'